Derains & Gharavi International



“Le financement par un tiers”, in L’argent dans l’arbitrage, Lextenso Editions, 2013

Hamid Gharavi

“Brazil as ‘La Belle of the Ball’: The Brazilian Courts’ Pro-Arbitration Stance (2011-2012)” (with A. Wald and M. Vieira) in The Paris Journal of International Arbitration/Les Cahiers de l’Arbitrage 2013-2

Ana Gerdau de Borja Mercereau

“Counterclaims in BIT arbitrations: can the tables be turned?” in Romanian Arbitration Journal no. 3/2013

Stefan Dudas

“Host-State counterclaims, a potential remedy for illegality or corruption on behalf of the investor in investment-treaty arbitration?” in TDM Special Issue on Corruption and Arbitration (2013)

Stefan Dudas

Co-author of Chronique des Sentences Arbitrales de la CCI in JDI, 2013, n°1, page 248

Bertrand Derains

“Le professionnalisme des arbitres” in Cahiers de Droit de l’Entreprise n°4 (juillet-août 2012), Lexis-Nexis, 2012

Yves Derains

“New Romanian Arbitration Law: what is really new?” Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 8 April 2013

Stefan Dudas

Collection of ICC Arbitral Awards, 1975-1985, Paris, Deventer, 1990 (with S. Jarvin); 1986-1990, Paris, Deventer, 1994, (with S. Jarvin and J.J. Arnaldez) ; 1991-1996, Paris, Deventer, 1997 (with J.J. Arnaldez and D. Hascher) ; 1996-2000, Paris, Deventer, 2000 (with J.J. Arnaldez and D. Hascher) ; 2001-2007, Paris, Wolters Kluwer, 2009 (with J.J. Arnaldez and D. Hascher); 2008-2011, Wolters Kluwer, 2013 (with J.J. Arnaldez and D. Hascher); 2012-2015, Wolters Kluwer, 2019 (with J.J. Arnaldez and D. Hascher)

Yves Derains

Report on French law on Arbitration, International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration, ICCA, Kluwer, 2013 (with Laurence Kiffer)

Yves Derains