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Commercial Arbitration

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Counsel of a British company, two Mauritian companies and two French citizens in an ICC arbitration against a Cypriot company regarding a dispute concerning a finance agreement

Counsel to an international auditors group in an arbitration against certain of the group’s members

Counsel to a European bank in an arbitration against a European oil group in regard to their participation in an oil company

Counsel to a Middle Eastern company in an arbitration against European banks in regard to loan agreements

Chairman in an ICC arbitration between an African company and an African State regarding an agreement on sovereign debt

Co-counsel to a United States company in an ICC arbitration against Brazilian individuals concerning the sale of the shares of a Brazilian company in the road industry

Chairman in an SCC arbitration between a Russian company and a Northern European State for alleged breach of an arbitration clause contained in a shareholder agreement

Chairman in a 1 billion USD institutional arbitration concerning the sale of shares between Brazilian companies

Chairman in an ICC arbitration between a European company and a Swiss company relating to the purchase of corporations

Sole Arbitrator in an ICC arbitration between a Spanish company and a Honduran company for alleged breach of a loan agreement

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