Derains & Gharavi International

Investment Arbitration

Counsel to the Republic of Turkey in a 19 billion USD ICSID arbitration No. ARB/07/20 initiated on the basis of a bilateral treaty by a Dutch national for alleged expropriation of an investment in the telecom industry (largest ever ICSID claim leading to the an Award dated July 14, 2010 in favor of Turkey dismissing the claims with full costs for lack of jurisdiction.

Counsel to the Republic of Albania in an ICSID arbitration No. ARB/07/21 based on a bilateral investment treaty against a Greek Company for alleged unfair treatment and denial of justice against an investment in the construction industry leading to the award dated July 30, 2009 in favor of the Republic of Albania.

Counsel for a Belgian investor in an investment dispute against an Eastern European State over a dispute concerning real estate development (pre-arbitration advice & preparation of notice).

Counsel to a Middle-Eastern company against an Arab State in an ICSID arbitration for the breach of contracts for the construction of 1000 km of roads.

Counsel to States on the drafting of legislation (including constitution and bilateral investment treaties).

Counsel to a Middle-Eastern State on the possibility of an action against another State before the International Court of Justice on the basis of a bilateral trade treaty.

Counsel to the Central Bank of a Middle-Eastern State against the Central Bank of an Eastern European State in a litigation over the interpretation of a bilateral treaty between the two States.

Counsel to an African State against a State company claiming to be the alleged successor of a public entity of a dissolved State party to a military contract with the African State.

Counsel to the Popular Republic of China against Taiwan in a dispute involving the property of a consular good.

Counsel to multinational companies in compliance with national and supranational sanctions against certain States as well as with boycott and anti-boycott regulations and compliance with national and supranational legislation on corruption.

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