Derains & Gharavi International

Investment Arbitration

Counsel to an Omani company against the Republic of Yemen in an ICSID arbitration initiated pursuant to a bilateral investment treaty for governmental interference, expropriation and denial of justice with respect to an investment in the construction industry.

Counsel to the Republic of Turkey in a 2 billion USD ICSID English language arbitration against a US company for expropriation of the company’s rights arising out of loan agreements in the field of telecommunication.

Participating in regional security discussions regarding piracy off the coast of Somalia.

Advising an international organization on the interpretation of UN Security Council Resolutions in respect to the use of force in Afghanistan.

Advising States on the procedure and consequences of the denunciation of international treaties.

Advising a European Government on the applicability of the European Convention of Human Rights to detention operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chairman in an ICSID arbitration No. ARB/10/2 between Convial Callao v. Republic of Peru regarding a road concession contract.

Chairman in an ICSID arbitration pursuant to a bilateral investment treaty between a Danish company and the Republic of Egypt concerning the expropriation of rights arising out of a hotel management contract

Co-arbitrator in an ICSID arbitration No. ARB/09/5 between Iberdrola Energy against the Republic of Guatemala in regard to an electricity service concession contract.

Co-arbitrator in an ICSID Arbitration No. ARB/07/18 between Shell and the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the expropriation of oil fields.

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