Derains & Gharavi International

Arbitragem Comercial

Energia & Recursos Naturais — Counsel to a Middle Eastern state in an arbitration against a state-controlled company of the same area relating to oil sales contracts

Indústria Hoteleira — Co-arbitrator in an ICC arbitration held in Cairo relating to the management of a 5 star hotel between an Arab hotel owner and an Arab-European hotel operator.

Compra & Venda — Chairman in a SCC arbitration between a Portuguese company and a Dutch company for alleged breach of contract

Mídia, Telecomunicações & Tecnologias — Counsel to an American investor against Ukraine in an ICSID arbitration for unfair and discriminatory treatment of an investment in the radio industry

Serviços — Co-arbitrator in an ICC Arbitration between an Asian State and the Public Entity of a European State for alleged breach of a military ordnance contract

Agência/Representação — Counsel to an individual against a Western company for deceit and non-payment of a commission in relation to an agency agreement for the construction of a nuclear plant in the Middle East

Joint Ventures  — Counsel to a Western European public works company in an arbitration against its partner in a joint venture

Bancário & Financeiro — Chairman in an ICC arbitration between an African company and an African State regarding an agreement on sovereign debt

Construção — Counsel to a Western European public works company in an arbitration against an Asian group in relation to the construction of a hotel

Construção — Counsel to a European consortium in an arbitration against a bi-national public entity in South America concerning the construction of a dam and a hydroelectric factory.

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